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Work Place Tension

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In today’s competitive world, companies are in constant race to garner maximum profits from minimum costs. This brings in targets and deadlines and the desire for more output from fewer people. The result is longer working hours for the employees under the stress of meeting deadlines without compromising quality. In course of time, it begins to affect their personal as well as family life.

Companies use a number of stress-buster mechanisms: get-togethers in which tension is washed off in pegs of liquor, dance and games. Employees are also given incentive-visits to places of picnic.

Are there alternate ways of handling workplace stress?

I work on the theory that stress has two components — the physical and the mental. The physical stress is the same when we are playing a game of cricket or when we are doing some boring job we don’t like. It is the mental perception of that physical stress that makes a game enjoyable and the boring job a burden.

The trick then lies in training our employees to change their perception. If those working in the industries contact me over my phone +919840093148 or my email ID I would be glad to share these techniques with them.


  1. I have read your blog on your website but thought it appropriate to react to it here. The story of mom is a true reflection of the present society. The main reason behind this culture is the BPO industry and it’s extension in the MNC’s and other top companies in India. The young executives in these companies are placed in metropolitan cities and live away from their parents in PG accommodation. The working hours are in 12 hour shifts. They are prone to the mall culture, hanging around with friends in pubs and other eateries. They do not want to enter into matrimony; particularly the young ladies are looking for a super rich person who can take them to a five star hotel at least two or three times a week. The civil servants (IAS, IPS, IRS) university Asst. Professors, bank managers are way down in the eyes of these young ladies. They don’t want to marry a civil servant because they don’t want to spend initial years in districts and other moffussil towns. Times have changed and so have culture, values and lifestyle.

    1. Bakshi Saheb,
      You have pointed out the main causes of how this new culture arose:
      * Lots of money with youngsters.
      * A new culture of jazzy malls.
      * Stressful work-schedule.
      * Emphasis on physical enjoyments.

      The question is: can the trend be reversed in the interest of the future of our society? Should efforts not be undertaken to bring back some of those sustaining features of society that will ensure that the future generations are not murderous or suicidal.

      It is my wish that my websites should become platforms for creation of a positive culture.

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